eShop marketing & promotion: the zero point.

The zero point before every eshop promotional activity.

This is not a blog post that will tell you to advertise on Google.

Nor is it a post that will tell you to exploit the endless possibilities & tools of Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

What’s more, we won’t tell you to get your eshop in famous marketplaces such as eBay, Aliexpress & Amazon (or Skroutz & Bestprice for Greece) to start selling.

You know all this stuff.

Depending on the industry of your eShop, there are a dozen different ways to use digital marketing tools in order to reach your end goal, that of more sales.

Some people are loyal to Google Ads, others are SEO’s strongest supporters and others want to start selling with a boost post on Facebook. Others again, they do it all together, invest a lot, and pray for the better. And there are also those who have passed the zero point.

This is a post about the point where every eShop owner has to get to.



eshop marketing strategy - a puzzle to be solved

eShop promotion: Why you first need to deploy a digital marketing strategy?

Let’s go to see what happens if you invest in digital marketing without strategy.

Good scenario

In the good scenario, you are lucky enough to do all the digital marketing actions that you’ve chosen well, technically speaking. Perhaps you have attended a seminar on digital marketing tools, or you are self-taught with udemy webinars and a lot of web reading. Whatever you did you managed to bring some sales for your eshop and spent your budget.

But let’s go a little further:

How much do you spend to bring X sales?

Is there an actual profit from all this effort or you sell to pay Google & Facebook?

Could you make better use of your budget? Where else should you target to bring even more sales and profits?

The answer to all these comes through the zero point. Continue reading…

Bad Scenario

In this case, you have made the mistake of clicking “boost post” on Facebook with automatic ads. Or you activated your Google Adwords Express account and ran an ad with default settings.

Time-saving maybe … But it’s a pity that you did not use the targeting options given by these platforms, and you probably flopped your good money without selling. The point here is that sales did not come for two reasons: Either there was no strategy behind the actions or digital marketing tools were not properly used to serve your eShop goals. And no, it is not the fault of Google and Mark who have spent your good money.

So how will you have a digital marketing strategy to promote your eshop?

“Point zero is all about the research and the analysis of your company and your market.”

Team Doing Research for Eshop

We “reveal” our approach to the digital marketing of an eShop. These are some of the most basic questions we ask as a digital agency to our clients.

Obviously, each branch is different and each eShop has its own DNA, but by answering the following questions you will be able to have a clearer picture of what you are going to do and why you will do it.

Questions to be answered at the zero point:

1. Company & brand – “Know Thyself”

  • What are the values ​​of your company? How will you communicate with customers?
  • What image do you want customers and potential customers to have from your eShop? In other words, what would you like to tell their friends when talking about your eShop?

2. Eshop product objectives

    • If you have many different product categories, which products do you want to focus on?
    • Which products do you think can have the most sales and what the most profit?

    Or otherwise, if you could only sell one product, what would that be?

3. Target group

  • What is the main customer target group?
  • If you have multiple product categories, what is the main target group per category?
  • What makes your customers choose you against competitors?
  • What information and actions do your clients need in order to make the purchase decision?
  • What geographic areas do customers usually come from?
  • What problem do your products solve?
  • What is your audience’s behavior in social media and the internet? Where do they spend more time?
  • What can lead them to leave the order in the basket (aka cart abandonment)?

4. Competitors

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • If you have many product categories, which are the competitors per product category?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? (prices, availability, speed, service, reliability, brand)
  • Promoting Competitive eShop – What are the marketing actions of competitors? Why;

5. Budget & Results

  • What budget do you have for the promotion of your eShop on a monthly and annual basis?
  • With what sales per product category are you satisfied on a monthly and annual basis?
  • What profit would you like to have your entire investment in your nice eShop and its advertising meaningful?

Some of the above questions can only be answered by you; others need discussion and more thought, and for most help with research tools is needed to figure out if the numbers are “coming out”. We are here to help throughout this process (which can be done faster than it seems with the proper research tools)

Our basic principle before working with you to promote your eShop with digital marketing actions is to do extensive research and analysis for your market. Our goal is to have the maximum performance of every euro you invest in digital marketing.

The result you want can come quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

But first you have to pass, or pass together, from this point 0.

Ask us how you can start or improve the promotion of your eShop.