ArtAbout in E-commerce & Retail Management event @OKThess

ArtAbout was happy to accept Inefan’s invitation to transfer its experience from the e-commerce industry to the OKThess event on Wednesday 15th May with the title “E-commerce & Retail Management“!

During the event, Chrysopigi Vardikou and Dr.Dialechti Fotopoulou, ArtAbout’s Digital Marketing Manager and Business Development Manager respectively, presented the E-commerce Strategy 101 unit and talked about the key strategic steps necessary to create an eShop and promote it.

Athanasios-Antonios H. Leontaris, Attorney-at-Law Advisor at Ratio Legal Services, also spoke about the legal issues of e-commerce, and Elena Nikita, a key shareholder of OrganicBrands, presented the eshop Organic Brands case and described the whole process from capturing the idea of ​​an online store until its implementation.

Both the audience and the organizers were very pleased with the presentations and discussions that took place, which mainly focused on the challenges of e-commerce and how these can be addressed.

Photo captions:

Γιατί να επιλέξετε Magento eshop.
Why Magento? Dr. Dialechti Fotopoulou presents the reasons why eshops should be developed in Magento Platform
Dr.Dialechti Fotopoulou presenting about Magento eshops
What are the key features one should pay attention to when develops an eshop? Dr. Dialechti Fotopoulou presents the main 5.
Chrysopigi Vardikou presenting "ECommerce marketing 101"
EShop marketing and why you should NOT start with Google or Facebook but one step before, from market research.
The event speakers
The presenters of the event

The event speakers

Inefan 's "ECommerce & Retail" event at OKThess-Thessaloniki

Inefan's team with the speakersThe ArtAbout team