Digital Marketing

Google Ads

We promote your site with Search campaigns, so that potential customers find you the exact moment they search for your products/services.

We create Remarketing campaigns to discreetly follow your visitors around the web after they leave your site.

We focus on performance and constantly optimize to ensure that you always meet your goals with the minimum cost possible.

Social Media Advertising

With Social Media ads, we attract the leads that matter most for your business. We also provide you with detailed analytics about the spending and results of your ads and we make suggestions about your next steps.

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

They’re still the leaders! Due to their extreme targeting options,
Facebook & Instagram ads is the ideal medium for the promotion of a retail eshop and –almost- any type of business.

Whatever the goal, we create the most suitable ad type.

Linkedin Ads

Here to stay! Linkedin Ads is a great solution for some types of businesses, especially B2B export companies. The fact that it is not saturated (yet) means that it’s more attractive and efficient, although it is still pricey.

Ask us if Linkedin Ads is the right medium for your business.

Email Marketing

2nd highest ROI. E-mail marketing has the second highest return on investment, among all digital marketing channels (Econsultancy Research, 2018).

We design and send e-newsletters that your customers are looking forward to receive and will pass through SPAM filters. Together we discuss the topics of each newsletter campaign and you let us do all the texts, graphics, send and tracking of the campaign.

Your users’ data is always safe with us. ArtAbout is compliant with the GDPR guidelines and legal agreements are signed to ensure the safety of personal data.


Copy that sells. We do the editing or copywriting of your site texts with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Data is opportunity. We monitor the analytics of your eshop/site and of your social media accounts, focus on the metrics that matter most and suggest corrections and improvements depending on your goals.