“Disruptor under 40 (Geneo epixeirin) 2019” Awards

Under the auspices of business support associations in Northern Greece, the “Disruptor under 40 (Geneo epixeirin) 2019” Awards took place on Friday the 12th of April during the Money Show at Hyatt.

For ArtAbout, these awards were very important as Dr.Dialechti Fotopoulou, Business Development Manager of ArtAbout, and Spyridon Koussis of Freights, a company that is a close ArtAbout partner, were honored for their contribution to entrepreneurship!

Women Entrepreneurship Αward

Βραβευση Διαλεχτής Φωτοπούλου

In particular, Dr. Dialechti Fotopoulou was honored with the Women Entrepreneurship award. The award was given by the general secretariat of SEGE – Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Greece, Hara Papadopoulou, who said that “entrepreneurship is probably the sector with the greatest risk in the country”.

Innovative Entrepreneurship Award

Spyridon Kiousis was awarded the Innovative Entrepreneurship Award. The award was given by Mr. Loufakis, President of the Alexander Innovation Zone. Freights is an exchange platform for road transportation, enabling companies in the transport industry to develop their workflow, and expand their network of partners easily, quickly and safely. ArtAbout has designed the interface for the entire Freights application as well as its corporate identity.

About “Disruptor under 40 (Geneo epixeirin)”

The “Disruptor under 40 (Geneo epixeirin)” Awards, which were named after the “Thessaloniki Dromena”’s column in the press, evolved into a powerful institution of rewarding youth entrepreneurship and they are already planning to expand abroad.

In total, 42 entrepreneurs and freelancers from 40 companies and agencies in nine different categories were honored for their contribution to entrepreneurship and their insistence to seek opportunities in Greece.

In this 3rd year of awards, the following representatives were also present: Vice-President of the Center for Toursim and Culture of Central Macedonia, Alexandros Thanos, the President of the Cultural Center of the Region of Central Macedonia, Anna Mykoniou, the President of the Commercial Association of Thessaloniki, Pantelis Filippidis and the President of the Chamber of Small Industries of Thessaloniki, Anastasios Kapnopolis.

All the representatives of the associations and institutions, who participated in the event, characterized all award winners as “heroes”, who manage to remain loyal to entrepreneurship in such a hostile environment.