PWA: the Next Generation App

The expectations we have from our websites are very high. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to make our site more user-friendly and effective. This can be enhanced significantly with a Progressive Web Application (PWA).

What is PWA;

Feels like an app, works like a website

PWA is one of the most discussed technological changes of the internet. It is a hybrid of a regular web site and a mobile app. This new application model attempts to combine the features of most modern browsers with the benefits of the mobile phone experience.

If companies only have mobile applications, this may prevent many users who prefer the version of the website and want to avoid downloading and installing an application, either because of the limited memory of the mobile phone or due to other personal preferences.

PWA benefits for Businesses

Although PWA is a relatively new phenomenon, a growing number of companies have already exploited its extensive potentials. Let’s see what it offers to figure out why:

Quick installation

Compared with mobile applications, when users install a PWA, there are no long download times and visitors do not go through Google Play or the App Store, but download the app directly to their device. This means that the PWA gets its own icon on phones and tablets, just like a mobile app but without having to go through the sometimes tedious and slow process of the App Store.

PWA virtually reduces the steps between discovering an application and acquiring it on the home screen, and thus eliminates the “fuss” of installing an application. This is extremely useful for businesses, especially for smaller companies that often do not have native applications due to cost or time constraints.

Offline mode

The PWA application also opens when there is no network or when there is a low-speed network such as 2G.


The application keeps users engaged. This is achieved with various features like push notification, home screen icon, full screen, and offline application.

Low data usage

PWAs use only a fraction of data usage compared to native applications. A native application that consumes 10MB of data for example can drop to just 500KB with PWA. Such a reduction frees space for users and contributes to better performance of their smartphones.

Splash Screen

Start screen
PWA adds a splash screen when you start the application. This makes PWA look more like a native application.

SEO friendly

PWA can enhance the accessibility and the search ability of the application. PWA loads quickly and this has a significant positive impact on search engine rankings. Also, PWA is quickly updated and provides a great user experience. All this improve the SEO strategy greatly.

Fast & Responsive

The transitions of the pages when the user interacts with the application are done quickly and smoothly and the PWA fits into all different device sizes.

Low cost

For companies, the cost of developing a PWA is much cheaper than developing a native application. A business that needs a native application will require the development of this application for both Android and iOS devices. This can be very costly especially for start-ups or small businesses. Instead, PWAs are cheaper to produce, but not at the expense of functionality.

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