All about sports!

The brand

The business was founded in 1982 and it continues dynamically in the field of sports trade. It has been cooperating with all major sports companies. Sports Avenue’s philosophy is to provide the best customer service with responsibility, reliability and authenticity.

eShop Design & Development

Sports Avenue’s eshop is a Magento 2 eCommerce implementation of high requirements including several customizations. Apart from the custom design, sophisticated functions were added both to better serve users and to facilitate administrators in the daily eshop operation, such as: creating a custom extension for managing the Geniki Tachidromiki voucher, automatic delivery date calculation and full integration with Singular Logic’s ERP Galaxy.

Key features
  • Custom web design
  • Magento 2 eCommerce implementation
  • Full integration with Singular Logic’s ERP Galaxy
  • Automatic delivery date calculation
  • Development of Magento multistore for B2B
  • Creation of custom extension for complete Voucher management with Geniki Tachidromiki through Magento 2
  • One step order

We continue to provide development, hosting and support services for Sports Avenue.