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Quality Mattresses for All

The brand

ORiON Strom offers unique suggestions, a wide range of innovative solutions and a large collection of mattresses that meet the highest standards with a strong and powerful positioning. ORiON Strom offers all the products needed for a bed, from luxury memory foam mattresses, feather pillows and duvets with unique feel to mattress bases with lift mechanism and orthopedic shelf.

Mobile eShop mockup Magento eCommerce
Design & Development

We designed and implemented a special Magento eshop for an equally special product. The design aimed at providing consumers with enough information in order to make the best choice for their mattress. As such, we developed the Layer Guide, a tool that suggests the appropriate mattresses according to the visitor’s preferences. In order to get high speeds and credibility, we chose Google Cloud to host the eshop.

Orion new eShop on Magento eCommerce
Custom tool for a Magento eShop
Key features
  • Custom web design
  • Magento eCommerce Implementation
  • Technical SEO
  • Custom tool Mattress Guide
  • Google Cloud hosting

We continue to offer hosting, development and support services for Orionas.