New eShop for GERO S.A.

Mac Homepage - GERO SA eshop

New eshop for Electrical equipment & Lighting

The brand

GERO SA is a key market player in Electrical Equipment and Lighting in Greece. A wide array of brands and a large product catalogue satisfy the needs of pros and individuals. Now the whole experience is smoother and faster online with the new Magento eshop we created for GERO.

The company has a steady and fast growth during the past few years, investing in new physical stores and new transportation infrastructure. A robust eshop was the next step in order to deliver the same delightful experience online.

Full Homepage Screenshot of Magento2 eshop
eshop Design & Development

We designed and developed a special Magento 2 eshop for a large product database. The end goal was to have an easy and fast online experience and an easy backend management. Magento Commerce is the go to platform when a business seeks for scalability.

Mobile skin of the new Magento eshop
Magento2 product page GERO SA
Key features
  • Custom web design
  • Magento eCommerce
  • Technical SEO
  • ERP Integration with Atlantis ERP
  • Availability per physical store
  • B2B with dynamic pricing features

The good collaboration with Gero is moving forward with development, growth and support services.