MYDESIGNDROPS.COM: Migration to Magento 2

Κατασκευή Magento2 eshop για την Designdrops

Migration to Magento 2 for the popular home decor eshop

The brand

DesignDrops – Spritzios SA is in the home decor market since 1955. It already has a strong presence in the Greek eCommerce landscape and a leading position in the wholesale. The requirements of the eshop were constantly increasing and a solid solution was required, that would support the combination of a very large range of products with high eshop traffic.

After all, eCommerce is an ongoing project and the improvement process never stops, especially when you are a key player. - full Magento2 homepage
Design & Development

We designed and developed a unique Magento 2 eshop for high performance and business scalability. The migration to Magento 2 from another platform and the integration with the existing ERP is a challenge we always accept with pleasure.

The mobile version of the new Magento 2 designdrops eshop
Magento 2 Product Page
Key features
  • Custom web design
  • Magento eCommerce
  • Technical SEO
  • Integration with Entersoft ERP
  • Data migration
  • Custom shipping rules

The collaboration with My DesignDrops is moving forward with support & development services.