Νέο Magento2 eshop για την Carelife

All Natural

The brand

Carelife carefully selects its product portfolio to include only the best natural health products.  its product range includes parapharmaceuticals, food supplements, bio food, cosmetics, baby products. Overall, is the go-to place for those who reach extensively for the best well being products in the best price.

Magento 2 homepage -
eshop Design & Development

We designed a Magento 2 eshop with advanced custom features. The goal was to deliver a smooth, quick and easy mobile first experience. The points of Search bar, add to cart and transaction were particularly important to the goal and were optimized with a mobile-first approach.

Carelife eshop - Mobile Version
Product page - eshop
Key features
  • Logo Design
  • Custom web design
  • ERP Integration (Pylon – Epsilon Net)
  • Custom Voucher Courier Extension
  • Reward Points
  • Magento eCommerce
  • Technical SEO
  • Cloud hosting

We still collaborate with Carelife for support & hosting services.